Sunday, February 19, 2017

Mentoring Students: A credo

I take mentoring students seriously. High standards of teaching and performing are standard expectations. However, my credo for mentoring means:

• Being there and available all week long (except for professional activities off-campus – also important – see below)
• Giving students opportunities/challenges to grow as musicians and persons
• Giving students professional performances off-campus
• Yet, encouraging gratis performances to share our art and encourage others (schools and community concerts and presentations)
• Teaching opportunities (peers and off-campus)
• Expecting the highest standards of myself (personally and professionally) providing the best model and example to inspire
• Performing, teaching, lecturing, writing, e.g. being a well-rounded musician – locally, regionally, nationally and internationally
• Bringing the world to our students. Bringing them out into the world. Connections are vital to personal development, developing empathy, widening the worldview, and for professional networking connections.
• Being available to really listen to them, their needs and concerns as persons

I post this for my own regular assessing of my teaching and professionalism. However, I welcome any suggestions...Am I missing something?

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